Can you help me install a home charger? Can you help me install a home charger?

Can you help me install a home charger?

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Our weekly car subscription payment aims to cover all of the cost of owning, maintaining and running a car such as depreciation, interest, registration, insurance, routine maintenance, roadside assist, mechanic faults, faulty and worn tyres and batteries. 

Subscription excludes tolls, infringements and home chargers.

Costs to buy and install home chargers vary depending on where you live, which charger you purchase, and whether it is hardwired to your home or portable. On average, standard costs to supply and install range between $2000 to $3,000.

JET Charge is our preferred partner, offering globally recognised turnkey electric car charging infrastructure. They also offer the largest range of hardware in Australia, with a station to fit every purpose, whether it be domestic, commercial or public.

Unsure of what charger best suits your needs? The JET Charge team is there to help. 

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